Activity of Sygnał Association

The Association carries out various educational and information activities.

  • Trainings for law enforcement agencies

The Association’s activities mainly focus on organizing trainings and workshops on IP protection and prevention of IPR infringements. To date, Sygnał has provided more than 300 trainings for over 20,000 representatives of law enforcement agencies, including police officers from Economic Crime and Cyber Crime Departments, prosecutors and police academies.

  • Educational programs

Educational programs provided by the Association build awareness of the consequences of IP infringements and of the need to protect IP. In addition to large-scale initiatives, the Association also implements projects targeted at specific groups of recipients, focused on certain aspects of business.

To date, the Association has conducted five educational campaigns. The objective of the four of them, addressed primarily to Internet users, was to build awareness of theft of television signal. They were conducted under such banners as: “Legal television does not hurt”, “Do not steal! Watch legally”, “Shame right ahead. Punishment right after”, “Watch legally. Live normally”. The last one, i.e. “Follow the Money Approach. Support legal distribution of online content” is addressed to advertisers. Identifying the way that illegal websites operate, Sygnał encourages marketing spend on law-abiding websites, thus supporting the legal market only.

  • Follow the Money

As part of the “follow the money” approach, the Association carries out various approach-oriented information activities, participates in or initiates meetings and workshops. In close cooperation with IAB Polska, the Association draws attention of advertisers and media houses to the consequences of advertising services on websites that violate the law, develops mechanisms and tools that promote advertising spend on law-abiding websites only; it also prepares a Table of Reported Violations and monitors advertising displayed at certain illegally operating websites. Such actions make it possible to verify the scale of the problem on an ongoing basis and to obtain details of advertisers illegally distributing video content and of advertisements posted on such sites. more

  • Conferences and workshops

The Association regularly participates in or organizes conferences on IP protection and prevention of theft of video content. It has also organized several thematic workshops for representatives of its members.

  • Preparation of reports, studies, analyses and opinions

Sygnał initiates and prepares reports and analyses concerning theft of video content. At its request, PwC has prepared a comprehensive analysis of causes, manifestations and consequences of this practice, i.e. “Analysis of the impact of video piracy on Polish economy” (2014). Sygnał is also involved in drafting legal acts that are relevant to the economy.  It takes part in consultations regarding legislation concerning “follow the money” approach as a strategy to prevent commercial-scale IPR infringements.